10 Best Gifts for Family Members Who Love to Travel

What do you get for the travel enthusiasts on your Christmas list? Speaking as someone who fits this description, it can be hard for me to come up with things that I want.

The truth is I want experiences.

I want to hop on an airplane and travel somewhere new. This might not be helpful to someone looking for something they can wrap.

It is true that what we want is to travel. This is how our family chooses to spend our extra income and vacation days. We would likely be thrilled with money towards our next adventure or an invitation from you to join in on a trip.

However, if you are looking for something you can put under the Christmas tree you have come to the right place.

The following are ideas for parents, kids, or the whole family that will enhance or brighten their next trip!

Gift Ideas for Families and People Who Love Travel

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10 Things for People Who Love to Travel


For the Kids:

Child Sized Backpack
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Our kids both have the monkey backpack pictured, but there is a whole collection of bags in this line. They are the perfect size for young children. We got these when our kids turned 2 and they still work great. They are perfect for airplane travel, road trips, etc. This year we are updating because at 6 my kids are too tall for these adorable backpacks (sniff) but they lasted us 4 good years of heavy travel!

Amazon Kindle Fire Kid Edition
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We have a great love for our Kindles. Our kids love the games and books that read to them. We love that they are happy, learning skills, and developing comfort with technology. We love the Kindle Fire in particular because they are durable, easy to use, have well planned parent controls, and are relatively inexpensive.

Travel Activity Books
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We have been so impressed by the Usborne activity books. They are great for preschoolers and up. Word searches, dot to dot, mazes, etc. These keep our kids engaged for a long time.

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Kids Music for the Car
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Playing music in the car is one of our favorite tricks for changing the mood. Active music when we have the wiggles. Calming music when our kids need to settle in a little. Sing a longs when we need to change things up. We will be listening to some Christmas tunes on our holiday travels.

World Map
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There are several world maps for kids around but this is our favorite. It has a look and find game aspect built in that engages my kids much longer than a typical world map. Another interactive option is this quality world map puzzle. Either one brings a piece of the world and travel into the home for those in between family travel times.

Little Passports Subscription
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At some point, even families that love to travel are going to be in one place for a while. Little Passports is a great subscription for kids to explore while they are in between adventures. Our kids have learned a ton about maps, world landmarks, and more from Little Passports.

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For the Parents:

FitBit or Accessories
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FitBits are a wonderful way to track your health goals while you are on the go. This one was my gift last year and I’m still obsessed with it a year later. They come in a range of sizes and colors. People that love to travel tend to also be people that love to be active. The FitBit will be useful on the road and at home.

If you know someone who already has a fitbit, then consider getting them additional bands. The Alta (that I have) has a huge range of interchangeable and relatively inexpensive bands.

Fun Camera Strap
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Travel and photography often go hand in hand. I love to capture places and experiences almost as much as I love having them. If your travel fan has the photography bug as well, a fun camera strap is a great gift idea. You can find a bunch of different options on Amazon or Etsy.

For Everyone:

Hydro Flask Waterbottles
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Families on the go need to stay hydrated. Hydro Flasks are a recent obsession in our family. They are as durable as Nalgene bottles, which we also love, but they do a much better job of protecting your fluids from the elements. If you are someone who prefers your water cold then this is for you. We’re addicted and have a growing collection of different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can find one for every member of the family.


Happy Christmas Gift Giving!

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    1. Thanks Lyla! That’s my current camera strap and I love it. I think I’m going to try to find it in another color. And we all have those water bottles. Little things but we use them all the time.

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