A Weekend in Spartanburg + Greenville SC with Kids

Our latest weekend family trip took us to Spartanburg, South Carolina. Spartanburg is a town in northwestern South Carolina about an hour from Charlotte and about a half hour from Greenville.

My sister and her husband moved there this summer so our family flew down for a visit this Thanksgiving.

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A Weekend in Spartanburg and Greenville South Carolina with Kids

The first thing we all noticed were the beautiful leaves. Winter is creeping into New York City and our pretty Fall colors have been falling away, but South Carolina was still alive with bright yellows and oranges and reds.

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It was pretty clear that this was going to be a gorgeous place to explore.

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A Weekend in Spartanburg and Greenville South Carolina with Kids

A Weekend in Spartanburg + Greenville SC


Fall is definitely a gorgeous time to visit South Carolina, but I look forward to coming back in warmer months as well. I think everything we did would be at least equally enjoyable in the Spring or Summer.


The Chocolate Moose Bakery and Cafe. Greenville SC

This was in Greenville, walking distance from the Falls Park on the Reedy I’ll share more about below. This was an exciting stop for us because they had a dairy free and gluten free cupcake option on their menu!

Other Spartanburg Restaurants:

  • Lime Leaf – delicious Thai food restaurant. I loved the curry.
  • Wild Ace Pizza and Pub – yummy pizza. We didn’t get to try this one, but my sister recommended it.
  • Jason’s Deli – tons of sandwich, soup and salad options. Also everyone gets free soft serve ice cream (that part was obviously not dairy free friendly). There is also a McAlister’s Deli nearby with similar options.


We spent a lot of time outside during our weekend. If you’re looking for big events or more inside ideas for Greenville and even Spartanburg I’d recommend checking out Kidding Around Greenville.

Cleveland Park and Playground. Spartanburg SC.

This park was SO pretty. The Fall colors were insane. The layout was so inviting and walkable and the playground was fantastic.

The playground had a space for tots and a space for bigger kids. There was a structure, climbing wall, swings, tons of different things to climb…I could go on and on. Our kids loved it.

The next day we drove the short 35ish minutes from Spartanburg to Greenville.

Falls Park on the Reedy. Greenville SC

We loved this park. This was probably the highlight of our whole weekend.

It is Such a pretty place to walk and wander – especially in the Fall with all the pretty leaves, but I imagine it is just as lovely in the Spring and Summer whenever thing is green and blooming.

Our kids loved walking across the bridges…

Isn’t that gorgeous? I took a million pictures.

and climbing out on the rocks – which is technically not encouraged but everyone was doing it.

Afterwards we wandered around Greenville a little bit.

There are lots of cute little shops and restaurants. We were there on Black Friday so it was also decorated for Christmas and had a little rink for ice skating set up a few blocks from the park.

Greenville SC

Bookshop at the Chocolate Moose & Cafe. Greenville SC.

I mentioned the yummy cupcakes above, but the cafe is set inside a cozy bookshop with lots of fun book to browse and gift. Our kids immediately holed up in the kids area after they finished their cupcakes.

This was a nice break from walking around outside. The grown ups could chat and browse and the kids could look through the tons of picture books.

Overall, we loved the Spartanburg – Greenville area. It was a super quick weekend, but we can’t wait to come back again and discover more.  

A Weekend in Spartanburg and Greenville South Carolina with Kids

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