Play Ideas for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are capable of so much. They have interests to explore, huge vocabularies to communicate with, and increasing skills in all areas. They are so much fun!

Most of our play takes place within thematic units. You can find all of our Preschool Units here.

Below are our most popular play ideas for preschoolers to promote learning in different areas.

Best Play Ideas for Preschoolers to Promote Learning

Top Play Ideas for Preschoolers

1. 30 Creative Morning Invitations

2. How to Make Really Big Art with Kids

3. 10+ Playful Preschool Math Ideas

4. A Simple Lesson for a Kid Who Loves to Tinker

5. Building Towers for Rapunzel

6. Rainbow Week of Preschool Color

7. How to Tinker with Kids

8. Building Skyscrapers with Loose Parts

9. The Skin You Live In

10. Playroom 101 Series


11. 12+ Zoo Animal Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

Toddler Zoo Animal Picture Cards for Matching

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