Play Ideas for Toddlers

Toddlers are my favorite! I know that’s an unpopular opinion in our “terrible twos” dreading culture, but I love them.

Don’t get me wrong, toddlers have tested and stressed and exhausted me to no end over my years as a teacher and parent, but still – it is my favorite age.

Toddlers are just so sweet, curious, opinionated, independent…oh they’re just so much fun.

Engage your toddler with one of the awesome activities below to encourage development and have fun.

Play Ideas for Toddlers that Promote Development

Top Play Ideas for Toddlers

1. 5 Ways to Build Play Skills with Babies and Toddlers

2. Loose Parts and Natural Materials with Toddlers

3. 5 Best Messy Activities for Infants and Toddlers

4. 7 Chores Your Toddler Can Start Learning Today

5. Fall Window Tree (that can be replicated for any season!)

6. 5 Swimming Games for Pre-Swimmers

7. The Best Water Play Ideas

8. Muddy Sensory Play

Muddy Sensory Activity and Playdate

9. Ultimate Guide to Painting with Young Children AND 30+ Collage Ideas for 1-5 Year Olds

Bubble Wrap Painting

10. How to Use Emergent Curriculum with Toddlers

11. 5 Ways to Expand Sandbox Play

Water and Sand Sensory Play

12. Pot Planting with Toddlers

Pot Planting with Toddlers

Bonus: Every Parent Can Teach Their Toddler: Learning Through Play Every Day

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