Birds Unit for Early Elementary School

Birds Unit for Early Elementary School

Birds, sparrows in particular, are one of my daughter’s obsessions this Spring. Interests can come from anywhere and hers usually surprise me the most.

When you think about birds you probably think about Spring and trees. We have birds in our backyard in San Diego that chatter all day.

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That however is not where her love came from.

This Spring her school put on the musical Alice in Wonderland and my daughter was one of the purple tree birds. She became quickly invested in reading everything she could about Alice in Wonderland and learning everything and anything she could about Birds and in particular her bird – the sparrow.

Regardless, surrounded by bird books and building bird feeders is how we found ourselves spending time this Spring.

Bird Unit Ideas

Field Trip Ideas

I believe in field trips for their power to bring concepts and abstract ideas to life for my kids. Here are some field trip ideas for kids interested in birds.

  1. Head to a local trail or regional park – example: Mission Trails Regional Park and our hunt for hummingbirds.
  2. Google specific bird watching spots in your area – example: Bird Watching in New York City at the Salt Marsh and my two essentials for hikes with kids.
  3. Use the amazing BIRDOLOGY book for 30+ activities for exploring animals with preschoolers and up – some right in your own yard or neighborhood.
  4. The Zoo. Our Zoo (the San Diego Zoo) has incredible bird areas and so do many of the zoos we have visited over the years.

Printables & More to Bring Along:

Activity Ideas

Back at home or in the classroom, expand and deepen your child’s interest in birds with some of these great activities.

Literacy Activities

Art Activities

STEM Activities

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Together these adventures and activities taught my first graders about different varieties of birds and the different ways birds eat, nest, and more.

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