Creative Ideas for Celebrating Orange Day in Preschool

Juicy oranges. Traffic cones. Construction hats. It must be orange day!

Below are some fun ways to bring the color orange alive in your home or classroom for Orange Day!

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Orange Day Activity Ideas

Orange Color Day

Books About the Color Orange

It’s an Orange Aardvark! by Michael Hall
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This is a fabulously fun read aloud. Some ants spot an alarmingly bright orange through a hole. What could it be? Their imaginations run wild and ultimately the most wonderful surprise is revealed. 3+

Each Orange Had 8 Slices by Paul Giganti, Jr.
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Since Oranges was our snack, this was a natural choice. It also happens to be illustrated by one of our alltime favorites, Donald Crews. A fun, engaging counting book. 3+

Orange Themed Activities

Wear Orange

Part of the fun of a color week is finding an item of clothing or two to wear for the day. We decked out in Orange today, even creating Orange headbands for ourselves, and then snapped some selfies before we headed out for the morning. (Cognitive)

Orange Object Search

While we were driving around this morning we searched for the color Orange in our town. You could easily do this as part of a walk, commute, or even just a search around your house. Our Orange Hunt led to some interesting conversations about what signs said and where the line is between Orange and Yellow. (Cognitive + Language)

Orange Snack

We made Orange Juice for our snack today. This involved some great fine motor and self help skills in the kitchen as they helped me juice some oranges. (Self Help + Fine Motor)

Orange Puzzle

Make an orange puzzle one of the options for quiet time or centers today.

You could make your own using a photograph of something Orange and a scissors.

I used this gorgeous one: PANTONE: Color Puzzles. I love this whole PANTONE series. We had the small board books when my twins were infants and have enjoyed the larger color book ever since. (Cognitive)

Orange Duplo Challenge

Another invitation on the Quiet Time shelves today, and probably the favorite, was the Orange Duplo Challenge.

It sounds exciting and possibly complicated, but all I did was put our Orange Duplos in a basket on the shelf and challenged them to see what they could build with just Orange. A tower, a truck, and a fox it turns out.

Orange Art Invitation

Create a basket of Orange art materials. My basket included; orange markers, orange colored pencils, orange crayons, orange stampers, orange gummed art tape, and some orange yarn.

Place this on your art table with some blank paper as an invitation to create an Orange Collage. (Fine Motor + Creativity)

Rainbow Colors Week Ideas for Preschool

Color Week Projects

We did our orange day as part of a whole Rainbow Color Week. Here are the on-going projects we did during the week that we added to on Orange Day.

Rainbow Journal : Orange Page

Continue the Rainbow journal today that you are using for the entire Color Week. You can find directions for starting one on our Red Day page.

For orange day, turn to the next blank page and have your preschooler copy the word ORANGE. Then have them use the basic of Orange art materials to draw whatever they want on the facing page. (Literacy)

Collaborative Rainbow

This is the other project that will last you the entire Preschool Color Unit. Today add to the Rainbow in the orange space.

Gummed Art Tape is hugely popular in our house right now so we added some Orange today as well as some orange stamping and orange marker. (Creativity + Social Skills)

A-Z Play At Home Series

This post is part of the A-Z Play at Home series. Here are some more fun ideas for the letter O:

Outside Obstacle Course from Teach Me Mommy

Recipe for Homemade Orange Slime from The Gingerbread House

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