Easy Directions for a DIY Bug Jar

The screen door slams and little feet patter into the kitchen. “Mama, look what I found?”

The screen door. The patter. The uncontrollable enthusiasm. The sweet sweaty faces. The expectation.

These are the things that scream summer to me.

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“Look!” That same sweet child thrusts a huge squirmy bug into my face. “LOOK!”

These are the moments that bug jars are made for.

You can definitely find some bug jars online or in stores. This one looks awesome and it’s only $10.

However, if your child suddenly develops an interest in your backyard bugs and you would like them at least contained before they are handed to you or shoved at your face – then this one below will do just fine.

Easy DIrections for a DIY Bug Jar Simple STEM for Toddlers

Directions for a DIY Bug Jar


  • Large Empty Jar (I believe ours was an old mixed nuts jar)
  • Screwdriver or Scissors (adult use only)

How to Make

  1. Punch a couple of holes in the top with your screwdriver or scissors. If you’re handy with tools then a drill would definitely be quicker and easier.
  2. Have your child help you find some sticks and leaves to put inside for a bug to crawl on.

Done. Easy, right?

DIY Bug Jar Instructions

How to Use

  • Together search for a bug to put in the jar. We found one crawling on a leaf and added it, leaf and all, into our jar.
  • Watch the bug together. Pull out a magnifying glass to look even closer!
  • Ask what your child sees. Listen to their observations. Write down or remember their questions.
  • Release and repeat!

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