Adventure Supplies

The adventure supplies I can’t live without.

Often the biggest road block to going on adventures with little kids is just getting out the door. The younger the kid the more I think this is true.

Getting somewhere only to realize that you forgot diapers or you have nothing to keep your kiddos occupied while you wait in line is the worst!

It doesn’t take much, but having the right adventure supplies can make ALL the difference for us. I have ours in a couple of tubs in our entrance way along with my adventure bag (fancy term for backpack) so I can grab a few things and get out the door quickly with my busy twins.

Must Have Adventure Supplies

 Adventure supplies to have handy:

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Depending on the age of your child(ren) you will need diapers, bottles, diaper cream, etc. Below are the adventure supplies I keep on hand beyond that.

Supply Storage

General Adventure Supplies

These are things that I bring almost everywhere we go. My allergy supplies go in this bin too – they are separated below.

  • Kids Cameras
  • Adventure Journals
  • Ziploc Bag with Colored Pencils and Pens
  • My camera
  • Change of Clothes in a Ziploc (This has changed as my kids have grown. When they were little until about 3 I always had a change of clothes for all 3 of us on hand. Now I usually just have a pair of underwear and change of bottoms for them. I keep the change of clothing in a Ziploc because it keeps it together and because then the soiled clothes can get packed in the Ziploc for the trip home)

Supplies Every Mom Needs to Go on an Adventure with Kids

Additional Adventure Supplies

These are other things that I have on hand that We have a separate bin for swim suits and sand/water toys in a different closet but some of that does overlap with what you’ll find here.

Waiting / Car Supplies

My kids have a box of books in the car between their car seats and like to choose one toy to bring along whenever we go for a longer drive and these usually keep them pretty happy, but I also throw one or two other things in my bag if I know we’re going to be waiting at a restaurant or sitting in the car for a while.

Food Allergy Supplies