Field Trip Ideas + Tips

Field trips are essential to learning.

So often field trips are seen as something we do randomly as a break from learning. An escape from a crabby day or boring classroom.

In truth, real life experiences bring meaning to learning. They show kids how things they are learning at home or in the classroom relate to their life and the world. They deepen understanding about the books we read and the words we hear and the pictures we see.

Field trips making learning relevant.

Below are our favorite general ideas for field trips for toddlers, preschoolers and beyond.

I have divided them up into indoor and outdoor field trip ideas to hopefully help you land on the perfect idea for your next field trip more quickly.

Before you head out though – make sure you remember these two things!

Happy Adventuring and Learning.

Indoor Field Trip Ideas

Indoor Field Trip Ideas

City Bus Field Trip

Fire Station Field Trip

Dinosaur Field Trip + American Museum of Natural History

Outdoor Field Trip Ideas

Farm Field Trip Tips

Colors Car Hunt or Colors Flower Hunt

2 Essentials for Hikes with Kids & Any Field Trip

Signs of Fall Hunt

Thankful Walk with Printable

Air Show with Kids

Bambini Field Guide: Mini Adventures to Explore with Children

20+ Best Indoor and Outdoor Field Trip Ideas

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