New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia Canada with Kids

“Isn’t it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive–it’s such an interesting world. It wouldn’t be half so interesting if we know all about everything, would it? There’d be no scope for imagination then, would there?” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

In August of 2017 we took a family road trip to one of my bucket list destinations: Prince Edward Island.

I’m a huge Anne of Green Gables fan so that was part of the allure, but also from reading those books and watching the movies, I have been obsessed with the gorgeous, natural beauty of PEI for years.

We figured New York City was the closest we would ever live to the eastern edge of Canada so this was the time to take a trip there. So, we pulled out a map and started planning our big road trip.

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New Brunswick with Kids

We started our big road trip in New York City. We spent a night in Maine to break things up a little and then got back in the car to drive 4 hours to St. John New Brunswick.


St. John

This is a cute little area not too far from the Bay of Fundy that begins near St Martin.


Bay of Fundy

We went both at High Tide and Low Tide. It was SO cool to see everything appear in the morning where it had been covered in ocean the evening before.

TIP: Where closed toe sandals like these Keens are best. The ground is rocky and wet. Shoes that won’t slip off but are good in water are best. My kids have this pair and this one.

Fundy Trail

This National Park is a gorgeous stretch of land and water. The cliffs offer breathtaking views and the park has tons of trails for biking and hiking.

Stop at the Visitor’s Center, near the bridge, for additional tips and information.

Prince Edward Island with Kids

After dragging ourselves away from the beautiful Fundy Trail, we drove the roughly 3 hours to Prince Edward Island.


Kindred Spirits Inn

This delightful spot was one of our favorite parts of the area. It has an Inn and several cottages that surround it. I can’t imagine a more perfect spot for the kids with the playground, pool, and green space.

Oh! And don’t miss the breakfast! Amazing every day.


Avonlea Village

Lots of good options and cute little tourist spot. The pizza place was one of our favorites.


Green Gables National Park

This was one of the highlights for me. Getting to see the house and grounds was amazing. Fortunately my kids loved it too!!!!!


*Stop in the building to the right of the barn for an activity book for your kids to work on while you tour the premise.

*Look for the actor pretending to be Anne.

*Don’t miss the trails through the surrounding wood.

Plan to spend at least a couple hours at the Green Gables property.

Prince Edward Island National Park

PEI has beautiful beaches with gorgeous views and clear water. Drive along the shore and keep your eye out for beaches. There are several little ones, along with some busier beaches.

Thunder Cove

This little nook is beautiful. Climb the rocks, play on the red sand beach, and splash in the clear water. Don’t miss the Teapot Rock.


The highlight of this little town for us was the cute storybook hunt that takes you around the town starting at Founders Hall / Visitors Center. When you finish, grab a Beavers Tail and stop in one of the bookstores.

Nova Scotia with Kids

We couldn’t head home without at least peeking at gorgeous Nova Scotia. We only scratched the surface – so obviously I immediately started plotting another trip – but here are a few things not to miss.


We spent the evening in Halifax. It was a vibrant town with tons of restaurants and spots to explore.


Ice Cream Shop

Imagine my surprise when a tiny little hole in the wall in the town by Peggy’s Cove had Dairy Free Ice Cream!


Peggy’s Cove

This was spectacular. I originally thought we were a little nuts to drive out there, but the view is incredible. The water more blue and powerful than anything I’ve ever seen.

The adorable lighthouse and cute little town are just icing on the cake.

Oh and the rocks. My kids could have climbed rocks for hours.

Halifax Waterfront

Walk along the water. There are little shops and plenty of places to eat with a view.

New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia Canada with Kids

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