Everything You Need to Know About New York City with Kids

New York City with kids is an experience. Whether you are visiting or relocating to one of the 5 boroughs it is important to start with that knowledge.

Like everywhere we’ve lived, there is good and bad.

New York City is overwhelming and exciting.

It is loud and busy and full of opportunity.

It is smelly and dirty and also glittery and full of light.

New York City is an experience.

New York City with Kids

What I love most about moving as much as we do is the opportunity to really delve deep into wherever we are living. It’s kind of like immersive family travel.

We know wherever we are now is temporary and so we explore and see as much as we can and just experience it in a way we might not if we were settling in for good.

When we moved to New York City we were determined to experience the city as much as we could. This is the culmination of our year and a half living in one of the greatest cities in the world.

New York City with Kids


Things to Do

I divided this area up by borough to hopefully make it more navigable and helpful.

Start with: 10 Must Do Things for Families in New York City




The Bronx

Seasonal Events

Complete Guide to New York City with Kids

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