How to Kick off Preschool Color Week with Rad Red Day

Red is the start of the rainbow so naturally it kicked off our Rainbow Preschool  Color Unit.

Below are super rad red ideas for books, activities and more to get your preschool rainbow week started right at home or in your classroom.

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Rainbow Colors Week Ideas for Preschool

Red Day Picture Book Suggestions

We love picture books. There are a lot of great children’s books for preschoolers about colors and red in particular. These are our favorites.

Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney
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Llama Llama is a modern day classic. It is a darling story about a little llama and his bedtime emotions. 1+

Journey by Aaron Becker
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This award winning wordless book is amazing. It follows the creative and stunning adventures of a little girl and her red crayon. 2+

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Don Wood
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This is one of my all time favorite read a loud stories. A little mouse finds a ripe strawberry, but what about the hungry bear?

The Red Book by Barbara Lehman
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This Caldecott Honor Book is a stunning wordless adventure. It tells a powerful story about a red book. 3+

Red Truck by Kersten Hamilton
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Follow a little red tow truck on his wintry adventure. 2+

Very Little Red Riding Hood by Theresa Heapy
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Very little red riding hood puts a whole new twist on this classic story and character. This was one of our favorites during our Little Red Riding Hood story study. 3+

Red Day Themed Activities

Wear Red

Part of the fun of a color week is finding an item of clothing or two to wear for the day. We decked out in red today and then snapped some selfies before we headed out for the morning. (Cognitive)

Red Object Ice Rescue

Do a search (on your own or with kids) for red plastic toys. We made ours together in the morning and then it was ready to be attacked in after snack. This Rescue the Toys Ice Activity is a great example!

Red Apple or Strawberry Snack

If you’re feeling scientific, you could also have an Apple Taste Test. Is there a colored apple you prefer? (Science)

Red Memory Game

This is a great Quiet Time Activity or Table Activity. We have this adorable Ombre Memory Game that features faces of our family members. You could also make your own with construction paper, photos, and contact paper or a laminating machine. (Cognitive)

Red Art Invitation

Create a basket of red art materials. My basket included; red markers, red colored pencils, red crayons, red washi tape, red gummed art tape, and some red stickers. Place this on your art table with some blank paper as an invitation to create. (Fine Motor + Creativity)

More Red Themed Activities:

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Color Week Projects

Below are projects that we did throughout our Preschool Color Week. We started them on Red Day and then added to them as the week progressed.

Rainbow Journal : Red Page

Start a Rainbow journal today that you will use for the entire Color Week.

To make ours I simply stapled together several pieces of paper that were folded in half. On the front, each of my kids wrote “Rainbow Book” following the example I wrote out for them on a piece of paper.

Next, they turned to the first page and wrote RED. Then they used a collection of Red art materials to draw on the other page whatever they wanted. (Literacy)

Collaborative Rainbow

This art project will last you the entire Preschool Color Week. Start by drawing a rainbow outline on a large piece of paper. Hang this on a wall in your art area or classroom.

Each day present art materials for that day’s color of the day. Monday, we added Red Gummed Art Tape to the first stripe. (Creativity + Social Skills)

Kick of Preschool Rainbow Week with Rad Red Day Books and Activity Ideas

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